Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: charset question
Author James
Hi peter.

peter_jacobi.rm wrote:

>Hi James,
>--- In, James <james_027@t...> wrote:
>>I using NJ Star Communicator to input/view chinese character.
>>Everthing works fine under english windows enviroment until one day the
>>excel file produce by the application can not be very correctly under
>>chinese windows. The chinese characters where like garbage characters
>>instead. Why? Has the charset has something to do with this?
>I'd suggest you either throw out "NJ Star Communicator" or
>always deliver with it. This software does charset autodetection
>and will effectively hide any charset problem, until you
>move your app to system without.
>So, assuming you are planning to target plain Windows without
>"NJ Star Comm", you should de-install (wait a minute, see below)
>and instead install the correct Chinese locale on your system
>(W2K or XP required).
>The last thing what NJSC can do for you for de-installing:
>Can you ask the software which charset it has detected in
>the data?
>Peter Jacobi
Thanks for time I really appreciate it. Let me give you the scenario.
The excel file that my application produce from the firebird database
can be view using NJ Star in english windows system. However the in
chinese windows the file can't be view correctly. Even if I use NJ Star
in chinese windows. So I think something wrong within the database.
Their must be a decoding that should happen as Helen says.

Do you have any idea why the NJ Star wasn't able to decode the excel
under chinese windows?