Subject Re: charset question
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi James,

I don't know enough from the specific situation,
and having no test data or scripts (and having
much difficulty, testing anything Chinese, due
to not being able to read it), I can only try
to apply some logic here.

--- In, James <james_027@t...> wrote:
> The excel file that my application produce from the firebird database
> can be view using NJ Star in english windows system. However the in
> chinese windows the file can't be view correctly. Even if I use NJ Star
> in chinese windows. So I think something wrong within the database.

I don't think so. Perhaps something better can be done,
with other charset settings, but the correct display on your
system proofs, that something usefull is in the database and
gets extracted.

But the first question is: which charset is this data in?

Does NJ Star tell you this?

Does the correctly (on your system) displaying Excel file
survives saving as HTML and reloading as HTML?

Does the HTML displays OK in IE and/or Mozilla?

If so:
- What charset label is set in the HTML file?
- Can you strip down the testcase so, that you can
email me the zipped HTML? You must put in at least one field
something easy to decipher for westerners. And document the
Unicode codepoint I should see there.

> Do you have any idea why the NJ Star wasn't able to decode the excel
> under chinese windows?

I would guess, that NJ Star disables some of its function, when
it detects Chinese Locale support by the OS.

BTW which OS?