Subject GBAK should validate data during backup, not restore
Author David Yanagaki Bonafé
Run that script on a test database:

create table BUG_TEST
FIELD1 integer not null


insert into BUG_TEST (FIELD1) values (1);
insert into BUG_TEST (FIELD1) values (2);
insert into BUG_TEST (FIELD1) values (3);


alter table BUG_TEST
add FIELD2 integer not null;


select * from BUG_TEST where FIELD2 is null;

then, backup your database with gbak and try to restore it...

gbak: ERROR: validation error for column FIELD2, value "*** null ***"
gbak: ERROR: warning -- record could not be restored
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

IMHO that error should occur during backup, not during restore, as a backup
that can't be restored isn't a valid backup.

i've been thinking about posting this on sourceforge, but don't know exactly
if it's a bug or a feature request

PS: sorry if i've made any mistake in spelling or something, cause my
english isn't perfect :)

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