Subject Re[2]: Environment variables for firebird 1.5
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:56 PM 11/12/2003 +0100, Bjoern Reimer wrote:
>HB> Yes. Actually, it is referred to in the release notes, approx. p.31, in
>HB> the topic "The Firebird Root Directory". But it was omitted from the
>HB> tabulated changes, now added, and will be in v.107 of the notes.
> Ok, found it on Page 32 in v106.
> >> 2. In which path is the conf file searched for? INTERBASE?
>HB> You will need to read that topic I referred to in the release
>notes. I do
>HB> mean the RELEASE notes, not the installation notes. If you don't have
>HB> in your distro, get them from
> Yes, I've got them.
> But what sense does it make to look for the root directory in a
> config file in the root directory?

Because the engine expects to find the config file in the directory above
the ./bin directory where the executable is running. AFAICT (see the
RootDirectory notes) the FIREBIRD variable is used if it is set, otherwise
the engine keeps looking.

> Is there no hidden parameter to tell isql or gbak where to find
> firebird.conf?

Why would anyone put firebird.conf in any place except where it is supposed
to be and not set the env variable? Same with the lock and msg files...
The main difference now is that, as long as you locate things in the right
places relative to the rootdirectory, you don't have to configure it

> I couldn't find anything in the "using firebird manual" from
> ibphoenix and I don't have CD #6 until now. :-(

Using Firebird hasn't been updated to 1.5 yet (scheduled for the New Year)
but the r/notes always try to have the latest info.