Subject Re[2]: Environment variables for firebird 1.5
Author Bjoern Reimer

HB> Yes. Actually, it is referred to in the release notes, approx. p.31, in
HB> the topic "The Firebird Root Directory". But it was omitted from the
HB> tabulated changes, now added, and will be in v.107 of the notes.

Ok, found it on Page 32 in v106.

>> 2. In which path is the conf file searched for? INTERBASE?

HB> You will need to read that topic I referred to in the release notes. I do
HB> mean the RELEASE notes, not the installation notes. If you don't have them
HB> in your distro, get them from

Yes, I've got them.
But what sense does it make to look for the root directory in a
config file in the root directory?

Is there no hidden parameter to tell isql or gbak where to find

I couldn't find anything in the "using firebird manual" from
ibphoenix and I don't have CD #6 until now. :-(


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