Subject Re: [firebird-support] "Request depth exceeded" error
Author Bob Murdoch
At 12/5/2003 09:42 AM, Ivan Prenosil wrote:

>Are you absolutely sure there is not any hidden/indirect recursion, like
>you insert row ->
> it will activate trigger ->
> in the trigger you call SP ->
> SP updates some rows ->
> it will activate update trigger ->
> the tigger will
>insert row ->
> etc.
>Also do not forget that CASCADE clause can be involed too ...

Yes, absolutely sure.

The trigger called the sp, which ran a query against another table and
inserted the results in a third. The third table only has a single before
insert trigger to assign the PK.

I tried to restore the backup from last night. It failed with an error
regarding invalid params for a stored procedure that is unrelated to that
discused above. I had added an additional output parameter to this sp, but
failed to update a trigger and two sp's that used it. However, none of
these were in any way related to the original sp that was generating the
error. If I had not tried the restore, I'd still be digging for the answer.

Thanks for your time, all is better now <g>,

Bob M..