Subject "Request depth exceeded" error
Author Bob Murdoch
I just started receiving the error message 'Request depth exceeded
(Recursive function?)' on my database for the first time. Doing a
newsgroup search, I see that this error is generated when running large
scripts with a lot of FK definitions, or during a gbak restore.

However, this error is occuring during a normal stored procedure call that
has absolutely no recursion in it. It seems to be only this one stored
procedure, which is called as part of an after insert trigger to summarize
a batch of data that was just imported. I have tried to run a couple of
the other sp's that are called from this trigger, and they are running

I am using FB 1.5rc6 (build 3815) on a W2K server. Database size is 3.4GB
in a single file.

Any help greatly appreciated.

BOb M..