Subject Re: [firebird-support] Getting garbage info from the database
Author Ivan Prenosil
From: "Ann Harrison"
> We're just beginning to really understand some of the
> implications about garbage collection. For example, we've recently
> noticed that in SuperServer, under load, the garbage collect thread can
> be excluded completely by active transaction threads, leading to a New
> York City Sanitation Workers Strike situation. Firebird 1.5 reduces
> that problem by running the garbage collect thread at the same priority
> as transaction threads. A variant of Firebird 1.03 eliminates the
> garbage collect thread completely, reverting to the original
> co-operative garbage collection mechanism.

Do I understand it right that
Firebird 1.0.3 does not use garbage collect thread at all, while latest
Firebird 1.5RC7 still uses it ? (with normal priority, which was always
the case except IB6-beta).