Subject RE: [firebird-support] Strange performance problems
Author Alan McDonald
> No foreign keys at all. :-D The client app forces referential integrity.
> The problem starts occurring after the DB reaches about 60 MB;
> although one
> of the DBs we tested on yesterday (with good results) is 112 MB.
> I am beginning to suspect more and more that it is physical
> memory issues,
> rather than a DB issue. The problem is that I don't know enough about the
> way IB/FB uses available memory in a windows environment ...
> I think what is happening is that the OS runs out of physical
> RAM, and has
> to start paging to disk, slowing everything down. Does this make sense?
> As I said before, I am reluctant to simply throw more RAM at the problem,
> without knowing what the problem is.
> Regards
> Tim

this size of DB is tiny as things go - I wouldn't suspect the db size at all
as being something which causes a problem.

running out of memory may only come into play where you use tables and not
queries - is this the case? or even lazy select all queries with no "where"
filtering clauses - is this case?

And in what circumstances would deleting the gdb file and replacing it with
an emtpy file do anythign constructive? Does th app have all the ability to
create all metadata from scratch when it finds missing tables?