Subject Re: [firebird-support] Strange performance problems
Author Johannes Pretorius
Well going to the memory, what is the Servers setting Cache pages wise and
what is the
Database Page size ?. One could play with this to see if there is a

Also with force writes on as must be on Windows, you can possible also have
a performance issue
with other application doing I/O operations on the disk, considering that
the Force writes will force the
data to be written before continue (If I understand correctly ?)

I have also had a lot of speed issue's , but I don't even run into this
with a 600 MB - 1 GB database (our average DB size at the clients)
Thus I don't think it can be so much memory wise. One thing I must note
thou is that ALL our servers
are windows NT. We don't run servers on Win 9x based machines. I don't know
if this can be a OS/ Memory handle
control problem. If that is what you mean.

Hope this helps, quickly going to get some lunch.

C ya

At 11:16 04/12/2003 +0200, you wrote:

>At 11:01 AM 04/12/2003 +0200, you wrote:
> >Okay from the two process the fetching is fine, but the updating is slow as
> >you have stated.
> >What is the size of the database for these test scenario's. With a clean
> >database is the speed acceptable ?
> >
> >How many foreign key's are on the table ?
> >
> >Thanks
>No foreign keys at all. :-D The client app forces referential integrity.
>The problem starts occurring after the DB reaches about 60 MB; although one
>of the DBs we tested on yesterday (with good results) is 112 MB.
>I am beginning to suspect more and more that it is physical memory issues,
>rather than a DB issue. The problem is that I don't know enough about the
>way IB/FB uses available memory in a windows environment ...
>I think what is happening is that the OS runs out of physical RAM, and has
>to start paging to disk, slowing everything down. Does this make sense?
>As I said before, I am reluctant to simply throw more RAM at the problem,
>without knowing what the problem is.
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