Subject Strange performance problems
Author Tim Ledgerwood
Hi all,

we are experiencing very strange performance problems with our production

Our application runs on Interbase 6.02, and is a POS system for service
(petrol and diesel) stations. As such, it inserts new transactions and
commits them, gathers the sale data from the POS, then updates the inserted
sale with the POS data. Finally, when the client settles the amount owing,
the application inserts the amount tendered as a transaction.

We have had complaints that the updating of the transaction and the
inserting of the amount tendered (the two form part of one database
transaction) sometimes take up to 30 seconds, which is unacceptable to our

The clients' computer (in this case) is running Windows 98 SP2, with 64 MB RAM.

I get similar response times on my computer, which is running Windows 2000
professional SP 2, with 128 MB RAM.

Forced writes are ON in all cases.

The applications are written in D5, using IB Express components.

My first avenue of approach was to examine the Delphi Code. I noticed that
running the stored procedures that do the inserts and updates takes about 2
hundredths of a second. So I thought that the code was the problem - I
noticed, for example, that there is no prepare of the stored procedures.

However, our test center was also testing the application at the same time.

On one test machine, running W98 SP 2 with 64 MB RAM, the response time is
about 5 seconds. On another machine, a laptop running Windows XP with 128
MB RAM, the response time is about 3 seconds. On yet another machine,
running Windows XP with 64 MB RAM, the response time was 30 seconds. When
we upgraded the RAM to 256 MB, the response time improved to 3 seconds.
When we downgraded the RAM back to 64 MB, the response time was 15 seconds.

I am sorry if this sounds confusing. It confused me too. :-)

I must admit that I have no idea of where or how to start looking for the
problem, or how to solve it. I don't want to recommend simply upgrading the
memory, unless that really is the problem.

In all cases, the machines are running the same version of Interbase -
version - the old 6.02 Open Source version.

In all cases, the machines are running the same version of the software,
and the same version of the GDB files.

Anybody have any idea of what I should be looking for?



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