Subject Win32 10054 error, Firebird-Linux, clients-Windows
Author Elena Schwanov√°

I am an administrator of an application in Delphi, which in past used
database Interbase installed
on Linux server. Everything was OK. The new version of the program begun to
use database Firebird 1.0. It is again installed on Linux server and the
users are clients working in Win95-2000, there are 33 of them. I installed
the Client tools for Firebird for Windows client on every users PC, but from
that time on the program crashes, usually when the user doesn't work with
program for a while. When the program crashes the system writes this note:

Win32 error10054 (+IP address of the server)
Exception EIBInterBase Error in module
EDR32CS.exe (-> name of the application)
at 001210BD

Unable to complete network
request to host
Error reading data from connection

After this system cycles in Error messages and hard restart of computer is
necessary, CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't help.
Can anybody help me? I have tried to find out any solution on the internet
but wasn't successful. I only found that there are people who had similar or
the same problem as me but no solution. Please remeber that I am only a user
of system and have no special knowledge about Linux and network connections.
We have a system administrator but unless I specify perfectly my problem he
doesn't want to deal with me. Please help me if you can, 33 users are
waiting for my solution. Thanks.

Elena Schwanova