Subject Re: [firebird-support] Backup Firebird on Linux from Win XP
Author Achim Kalwa

danecsk99 wrote:

> I've just port over my FB database from Win 2000 to Linux RH9. All
> my applications work fine except backup and restore processes. I
> used TIBBackupService and TIBRestoreService to accomplish the two
> processes in Windows environment but they are not running on Linux
> complaining that the backup file could not be opened. I think that
> is due to different file system because I used Win XP as my client
> to run the backup process.

You can't use TIBBackupService/TIBRestoreServer to backup "over the wire",
say read from Linux server and store backup on Windows client. That's my
experience. Both database (source) and backup-file (target) have to say on
same machine (local or remote).

As Helen said, it would be better to shell out and run gbak.exe.

But please take a look on the exact error message from TIBBackupService.
It says "cannot open backup file" but gives the name of the database. So
it is not clear which file could not be opened.