Subject Rép. : [firebird-support] Re: Newbie: Setting the Date format
Author Maciek BOROWKA
Wait a second...
We are talking about the server acceptance of date in its string

I don't know what you use for the development, but
for example with delphi if you use parameters of type TDateTime,
the local client takes care of translating the date automaticaly.

I mean, if you have to execute a query:
insert into table1(MyDate)
with the date given by the user, you just take the input *in your
local format*, cast it into TDateTime format and put it directly
to the parameter. You *don't care* about the format of date
the server accepts.
If the parameter mydateParam is of DateTime type, everything
works automagicaly.

Of course, if you create directly your SQL, without using parameters,
you must do the appropriate conversion on your own. However,
you can still create your sql and use the parameters as described

>>> lwm317_ebayaccount@... 09/10/03 09h56 >>>
Hi Sven,

Thanks for the reply which is pretty bad news. Many many countries
use DD/MM/YYYY as standard and I find it incredible that this is not
a valid format.