Subject Reasons for the client to crash the server?
Author hcarvajalsy
We have our client crashing the server. The configuration is:
Firebird 1.5 Release Candidate 6
application on Delphi using IBObjects.
clients on Windows 98, 2000, XP Professional.
Test are being done with a Server and also having Firebird locally.
On the server log there are various occurrences of the following
error: INET/INET-connect: gethostbyname failed, error code = 0. On
the local Firebird the log file shows varios ocurrences of the
following errors:
INET/inet-error: connect errno = 10065
INET/inet-error: connect errno = 10061
INET/inet-error: send errno = 10053
INET/INET-connect: gethostbyname failed, error code = 11001
INET/INET-connect: gethostbyname failed, error code = 0

On the application we have also found the error:
Project ctswin.exe raised exception class EAccessViolation with
message 'Access violation at address 011E26E in
odule 'fbclient.dll'.
Read of address 0145D000'. Process stopped. Use Setp or Run to
It will occur with an Open or a RecordCount on a TIBO_Query, and it
will not do it all the time.
Any help will be appreciated.