Subject Re: [firebird-support] FBReplicator...?
Author Diego - DM2
Hi Jonathan,

It's very good you wanting to "donate" your project to the open source
community, and yes, there is a demand for that, because any large company
needs replication of data! In my projects, for example, I tryed a lot of
replicators and made the decision for one that is freeware, bu if i could
choose one opensource too, it would be better.

Diego Menin
DBA - DM2/Brasil
icq : 86406546

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Subject: [firebird-support] FBReplicator...?

> Hi!
> I'm in the process of writing a replicator for IB. It's nearly finished.
> Our company does specific application development for companies, but we
> don't sell software for developpers at all, nor do we have any intention
> to expand in this way. So I was thinking of perhaps releasing my
> replicator as OpenSource. [Please note that I haven't made a final
> decision yet!] As is to be expected, it's not quite as complete as
> IBReplicator, but it is going to be rather complete, and will include
> some powerful features that IBReplicator doesn't have. The reason for
> this is that I'm doing this development with, of course, one particular
> database in mind, and this database is very complex. I have triggers all
> over the place, updating other tables, I have many procedures, there are
> a few tables that I can't replicate at all due to certain problems it
> would pose, and so I instead replicate certain chosen procedures, etc.
> Overall, it will be much simpler, but nearly as powerful as
> IBReplicator. There are a few limitations (for example, I don't support
> primary keys with more than 3 columns), but I think most of them should
> be easy to remove if the need was to arise.
> I myself would find it very difficult (time-wise) to maintain an
> OpenSource project of this sort, so I was thinking of simply putting it
> into the hands of the FireBird community, and letting them distribute it
> as part of FireBird.
> So my question is simply this : is there any demand for this sort of
> Thanks!
> Jonathan Neve.
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