Subject FBReplicator...?
Author Jonathan Neve

I'm in the process of writing a replicator for IB. It's nearly finished.
Our company does specific application development for companies, but we
don't sell software for developpers at all, nor do we have any intention
to expand in this way. So I was thinking of perhaps releasing my
replicator as OpenSource. [Please note that I haven't made a final
decision yet!] As is to be expected, it's not quite as complete as
IBReplicator, but it is going to be rather complete, and will include
some powerful features that IBReplicator doesn't have. The reason for
this is that I'm doing this development with, of course, one particular
database in mind, and this database is very complex. I have triggers all
over the place, updating other tables, I have many procedures, there are
a few tables that I can't replicate at all due to certain problems it
would pose, and so I instead replicate certain chosen procedures, etc.
Overall, it will be much simpler, but nearly as powerful as
IBReplicator. There are a few limitations (for example, I don't support
primary keys with more than 3 columns), but I think most of them should
be easy to remove if the need was to arise.

I myself would find it very difficult (time-wise) to maintain an
OpenSource project of this sort, so I was thinking of simply putting it
into the hands of the FireBird community, and letting them distribute it
as part of FireBird.

So my question is simply this : is there any demand for this sort of thing?


Jonathan Neve.