Subject Rép. : Re: [firebird-support] Table n ames in Upper caps
Author Maciek BOROWKA
In any case, it is much more convenient to have all the table
names in uppercase (you don't need to remember the exact
capitalization of your names).
The datapump from delphi does not do that, I think,
but you can find some other tools to migrate the base
while "upper-casing" all the names. Database Workbench
from does that (thank you M. Tonies ;+))


>>> helebor@... 01/10/03 03h17 >>>
At 10:50 PM 30/09/2003 -0300, you wrote:
> I m just starting in this Firebird stuff, and this is the problem
> that I get.
> Well, I m migrating an existent system (made using ADO) to Firebird.
> The problem is: in this system, the table names are not in upper case,
> but when I make the conversion (using Data Pump, wich comes with Delphi
> 7) all these tables are converted with their names in Upper case and the
> system simply doesn t recognize those tables.
> Is there any way to convert these tables and also the way their names
> were typed (i.e. Insted of creating those tables like Places > PLACES,
> Places > Places)?

If you want to have case-sensitive identifiers in Firebird, you can enclose
them in double quotes, e.g.

"Place_ID" BigInt NOT NULL,
"Field1" varchar(10),

Thereafter, in application code, you need to include the d/quotes
everywhere you refer to the objects, e.g. (Pascal examples):

MyQuery.SQL.Add('SELECT "Place_ID", "Field1", ...) FROM "Places"
WHERE "Place_ID" = :Place_ID');


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