Subject Re: [ib-support] Will Firebird/Interbase always be free?
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Firebird is based upon the Interbase version that Borland released under
IPL a few years ago. I would be very surprised if they had left an
opportunity for us all to close it again (if so, I guess they would have
exploited that already). There's too many of us depending upon Firebird for
it to cease to be developed, but that is just my own opinion and I cannot
guarantee anything. However, since the source code is freely available,
anyone can just start digging into the source code to change whatever (s)he

Some of us were here before Interbase got open sourced and got a shock back
in 1999. We would not like to experience the same with Firebird and the
only way I can think of to kill Firebird is to create another free database
that is far better (which is not an easy task).

What is more likely to cost you a bit is components for development. Myself
I use IBO, a great tool available for Delphi and C++, but not free. IBX may
not support Firebird in the future, so you will be left with fewer options
if things have to be free (but there are some left). And then of course, if
you lose critical data and have no good backup, you may have to pay IB
Phoenix to help you get back your data.

You can read the license at and see if that gives you the
guarantee you want.


At 09:49 26.09.2002 -0300, you wrote:
>Hi list,
>In the company I am presently working my boss want to choose a database to
>work with, but he told me it has to be free and there must be a warranty
>that it will be continued in any circustance, like what it is said about
>MySQL. I personally am very fond of interbase 6.01, and I would like to work
>with it, or at least with firebird which is said to be free, but for that I
>must find written all those things said about MySQl. In my opinion Interbase
>is far better than MySQL and I enjoy this and other list about Interbase,
>and Ihave had very good experiences with them myself. But unfortunately to
>use it here I will have to prove to them that Firebird is free and unlike
>interbase will continue to be free and continue to be improved and developed
>in the long run.
>Hope someone can point me to all possible web sites where I can find the
>information I am looking for.
>Personal opinions also will count as living proofs of the worldwide use of
>the database.
>But I need to show them all the certifications.
>hope you are all well and happy with firebird
>Marcello Miorelli