Subject Re: MySQL vs Firebird - the slow decay
Author Andrew
--- In ib-support@y..., Rich Pinder <rpinder@u...> wrote:
> I thought MySQL was a kind of, well, low end app.
> Firebird (IB) is well suited for heavy work, and high end projects.
> But I do feel a bit of what you describe - If I pick up one
more "Linux open source database" article in the
> linux press, and see the FireBird missing, I think I'll cry !

[reminder: trim your quotes!]

MySQL is designed around locking for fast reads. Thankfully, FB
still has a big edge in bulk updates, but webservers rarely face that
kind of stress. If I hadn't got into web content management I'd
still be thinking that MySQL was a toy db, too. It's just a tool
that fits well for that particular purpose.

I've run PHP and interbase/firebird, and that's pretty darn fast and
perfectly good for content management. It just irritates me that
MySQL is getting all the limelight -- particularly when it may
directly stifle Firebird's future.

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