Subject [ib-support] About lock / transaction management
Author Philippe Pichon
We have seen some problematic situations in case of unexpected application
crashes in multi user mode (lock conflict or deadlock, but without any
indication of the table):

a lock can stay permanent until we shutdown the database (the same error
message reappears if we try to continue, even if we try now in single user
mode), so the client need to stop all his production. The worst is : someone
said us the problem could stay after shutdown.

At this time we cannot access, tune or debug the application ... (perhaps

and the question is :

Is there independent way, a simple tool or some api calls, to either :

- find the transaction number causing the problem
- find the locked table or perhaps the row

- kill the lock
- release the transaction

or something else

... ?


Philippe Pichon
Object Software