Subject Re: FB and MSSQL (speed test)
Author rodries2
--- In ib-support@y..., Aage Johansen <aagjohan@o...> wrote:
> rodries2 wrote:
> > I'm doing some test using FB (with IBX and ADO) and MSSQK (with
> > and I've seen that MSSQL is faster than FB when I open query's.
> > My program test open 12 querys that return only 1 row an th
> > are:
> > MSSQL ADO -> ~ 12500 ms
> > FB ADO -> ~ 30500 ms
> > FB IBX -> ~21500 ms
> >
> > The test is over a internet conection (2 DSL 256k) and I've done
> > 10 times.
> > I suppose that FB spent more time open a query than MSSQL, is
> > true?
> > ...
> Do you transmit long char/varchar fields over the internet
> Fb currently does not compress these fields, and you may be
> transmit differencies. Using e.g. ZeBeDee (sp?) you may be able to
> the Fb situation (and have encryption as well).
> There are other things one can do to shorten times - using
> parameterized queries is one (since each prepare involves a bit of
> commuication between client and server).
> All this said, it is often said (I think) that in general MSsql is
> than Fb on selects (better optimizer) while Fb is faster on inserts
> updates.
> If you expect heavy activity by a lot of users, your test may not
> the 'real life' situation very well.
> Regards,
> Aage J.

I've modified my test and now doesn't return any record, only open
and close query many times, I get gain with zebedee, before: 21500 ms
now: 15400 ms, but MSSQL without zebedee only 12500 ms. The structure
of tables is the same on FB and MSSQL.

How Thomas Miller has said: connecting and opening the transaction is
what is really being tested.