Subject Re: FB and MSSQL (speed test)
Author Aage Johansen
rodries2 wrote:
> I'm doing some test using FB (with IBX and ADO) and MSSQK (with ADO)
> and I've seen that MSSQL is faster than FB when I open query's.
> My program test open 12 querys that return only 1 row an th result
> are:
> MSSQL ADO -> ~ 12500 ms
> FB ADO -> ~ 30500 ms
> FB IBX -> ~21500 ms
> The test is over a internet conection (2 DSL 256k) and I've done it
> 10 times.
> I suppose that FB spent more time open a query than MSSQL, is this
> true?
> ...

Do you transmit long char/varchar fields over the internet connection?
Fb currently does not compress these fields, and you may be measuring
transmit differencies. Using e.g. ZeBeDee (sp?) you may be able to improve
the Fb situation (and have encryption as well).
There are other things one can do to shorten times - using prepared,
parameterized queries is one (since each prepare involves a bit of
commuication between client and server).
All this said, it is often said (I think) that in general MSsql is faster
than Fb on selects (better optimizer) while Fb is faster on inserts and
If you expect heavy activity by a lot of users, your test may not reflect
the 'real life' situation very well.

Aage J.