Subject ISC error codes/msgs
Author Scronkey
Hi there,

I'm creating the initialisation section of my code for an app using
FB 1.0

If the gdb file does not exist, I ask the user where they would like
it stored, and on what machine, then using those params, I create
the database.

They way I do this is once I have the params, I attempt to connect
to the db, and then I catch the exception that the file does not
exist, which then calls the code to create the db.

I would like some clarification on the error codes if possible, as
the same error code is used to indicate:
1- that the file does not exist; and
2- that the file DOES exist (when trying to create it again)
as these are both I/O errors, and the I/O error code is 335544344.

I need to separate these two errors, so I have captured all error
codes and messages.
File does not exist err codes:

13130828 <--*

File already exists err codes:
13129584 <--*

I am assuming that the indicated codes above are what differentiates
these two errors. Am I correct?
Can I merely look for the code on the third line of the err. codes
to determine which kind of I/O error?
Also, what does the '2' refer to?
And why is there an additional '2' in the 'not exist' err. codes?
Where can I find more info on these '3rd line' codes?

I know the err. Messages clearly state these diffs, but I think it's
more efficient if I can determine this info from the codes.

Thanks for any information, and sorry for the many questions.