Subject Re: [ib-support] FireBird
Author Daniel Rail
At 11/09/2002 06:48 PM, you wrote:
>I'm just going back, back, back in time to the days before the web, to the
>days of the "standalone" PC ;-)
>This is a single-user full-text search app. I'd like the client program to
>access the data-store (on the same computer) without a lengthy database
>engine startup. I'm thinking of the 15-30 seconds Personal Oracle takes to
>start up -- I want instantaneous availability.

I don't remember seeing this long for Firebird. Also, you did mention
about running on the Mac, I hope you were referring to Mac OS X(Darwin),
because Firebird only runs on that version of the Mac OS.

>That's what I mean. Can FireBird do this?

On Windows, I know that Firebird can be run as an application instead of a
service. But, I wouldn't know about the other platforms.

> If so, what is involved in
>installing the FB engine on the target PC? Do you simply copy some FB files
>to a folder, or is there a lot more to it?

I know with Firebird 1.5, it seems to almost like that. I do know that
there are some registry entries made on Windows when installing Firebird
1.0, but I wouldn't know if the server uses any of them.

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