Subject Re: Why this query want generate ambiguos messag es?
Author mk_delphi
There is the only gds32.dll from FB1,
I use delphi6 with IBX6, and same
result come from IBExpert gui.
The query is performed directly,
no SP or Trigger.
I am sure both delphi and IBExpert
are set to dialect3, other queries
of my apps generate the error
of ambiguous fields, when there
is more than one fields with same
I think there is a bug in FB when
equal fields come both from left
outer joins, it is possible?
Ber regards, Marco

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> > The Dialect is 3,
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> > > NO error messages from Firebird....
> Marco, firstly make shure there is only one gds32.dll on client
> machine and it's version is the same as server. Than, what is the
> client program via which you get this result? Some old tools,
> for example, forces dialect 1 in API calls regardless of gdb
> If this query is placed within SP/trigger and this SP/trigger was
> created/altered via such a tool, it is compiled into dialect 1 BLR,
> so in this case you should recompile it using one of modern tools.
> Best regards, Alexander V.Nevsky.