Subject PHPnuke table setup for Interbase/FB
Author csswa
I searched online for a PHPnuke 'nuke.sql' replacement for IB/FB, but
nothing turned up. I can't be the first to try PHPnuke with
Interbase?? -- in fact, I know I'm not because one of the few related
items I did find was someone from a Brazil Interbase site (now
defunct, apparently) who mentioned he going to run the site with

Anyway, to cut to the chase for fear of getting bumped to IB-tools,
does anyone have a modified nuke.sql file for Interbase? (This is
the file that creates the tables.) If not, I'm happy to retool the
MySQL version packaged in the distro. However I'm still curious as
to who else has tried PHPnuke + IB/FB since they added the db
abstraction layer. Got to get IB/FB behind some kind of web CMS
until Jim turns Netfrastructure loose as opensource (Gasp! Okay, yes,
that's unlikely).

Replies to csswa@... , thanks.

-Andrew Ferguson