Subject Apollo --> Interbase conversion
Author Dieter Raith
I need to convert Apollo to Interbase database. There are DBF and SMT
files. For index files
conversion makes no sense. I already have a similar program which
converts DBASE (DBF and DBT) to Btrieve. The input database is huge (750
MBytes) and has to be converted 3 or
4 times a week. I use the ApolloAPI to extract the data into an array.
The data in DBASE equivalent files are packed arrays of colums. In an
Interbase database it is the same if you
CREATE TABLE mytable EXTERNAL FILE 'filespec' .....
and you define the columns accordingly. Of course you have to strip of
the DBASE header which means copy 750 MB data. If someone knows a way to
leave the DBF file as it is and
make the IB engine recognize the header offset, this would be the
easiest way: NO conversion!!
So I have to convert and add some extra fields, in particular a unique
field, which is missing.
So the resulting question is:

If I compose a fixed length array with all data , is it then possible to
create a table with all
necessary columns defined and make an INSERT with a pointer to the array

Hope everyone gets my point.