Subject RE: [ib-support] Query IN
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Hi Diko!

>I want to not order, so if "IN (12,11)"..the result is from content_id 12
>then content_id 11 or the resulting order should match the order of IN
>parameters within brackets

That is surely an unusual requirement which I don't think is supported at
all except for cases where everything is in some kind of order (either
ascending or descending). That is not saying that it is impossible for you
to implement, e.g. you could add a table called MyOrdering with fields
GeneratedNo, OrderNo, InValue which you filled each time you wanted to
order according to the contents of your in-clause - e.g.

252 1 12
252 2 11
252 3 13

and then you could issue a statement like

select content_id, title, orderno
from content_language
join myordering on invalue = content_id
where content_id in (12, 11, 13)
and generatedno = 252
order by orderno

Hope you find a sensible way to implement this,