Subject Re: [ib-support] Query IN
Author Martijn Tonies
> >What order do you want ?
> >There's no order specified in your query thus the order is accidental in
> >this order.
> >Use the ORDER BY clause to order as you want :
> > content_id,
> > title
> > content_language
> > content_id IN (12,11)
> > title, content_id
> I want to not order, so if "IN (12,11)"..the result is from content_id 12
> then content_id 11 or the resulting order should match the order of IN
> parameters within brackets

As ARNO said, if you do not specify an ORDER BY clause, the
ordering of the resultset is accidental. So you don't have an order
if you do not specify an ORDER BY clause and you DO have an
order if you specify an ORDER BY clause.

What is your problem?

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