Subject IB 7 and BorCon Brasil
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Hi !

I just returned from BorCon Brasil 2002, the first BorCon in Brasil.
First of being a good event, it was a very good place to meet really
good people :-) We beat the American (read USA) total number of people
of the first USA Borcon :-)

Now about the facts (regarding IB 7).

There was 3 specific talks about IB : Product address (very poor), IB
database administration and Replication server (I didnt see the last

I was surprise about the fact that IB got 3 presentations in the whole
conference. I was specting less than that. IB was also mentioned in
all presentations of "David I" as a database solution for Borland products
(together with DB2, Oracle and a few others).

As I didnt see the last 2 presentations, I cannot talk about them. The
only one I saw (product address) just showed what we already know for
IB 7 : good SMP support, temporary tables for retrieving information
about running processes (queries, etc), setting process priorities,
new IB Console (with plugin support) and a few other things. I really
think that this presentation could be much better. The speaker showed
some comparisions of some SQL commands running 30% faster (sometimes
even more) in IB 6.5 than in IB 6. I cannot say much more about the
tests since it was too quick.

Someone asked about Firebird and they told that Borland donated IB 6
code to the community. Now it's the community job to go over and
move ahead with it while Borland will be doing their job with IB
6.5(etc) as a comercial product, just that.

Well, there was a few interesting topics in the other presentations
regarding .NET, J2EE and Delphi for .NET but I'll not publish it here
since it's not related with IB/FB.

PS: I could give a IB-BR T-shirt to David I (there is a Firebird on it
;). David is a very nice person !


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