Subject ReadOnly problem
Author Guillermo Najar-Arreola

I have a base form class, where I read field properties from a data
I want to assign the ReadOnly property of the dxDBEdit field
according to my Data
Dictionary; the code is as follows:
TdxTextEdit = class( TdxInPlaceTextEdit );
TdxTextEdit(Components[i]).Hint := oMetaDato.pHint;
TdxTextEdit(Components[i]).ShowHint := True;
TdxTextEdit(Components[i]).ReadOnly := (oMetaDato.pReadOnly =

All this time, the process of reading from the Data Dictionary has worked
until this
morning, when I added the "readonly" line you see; when the
ShowModal of the form
is executed, I get an Access Violation. Doing the same thing with VCL DBEdit
I have
no problem at all; is it a bug?

Thank you,