Subject Re: Remote conection
Author moacirponti

> Why do you do this? The databasename will always be the one local
> to the server it is running on. The clients do not directly access
> the Groton Database file (gdb, ancestor of Interbase) and you
> should not map it up to the clients.
> you use tcp/ip your connect string should probably be
> SERVIDOR:C:\CvEmp\DBCVEMP.gdb from ALL machines.

The code that I have to make is:
DataMod.CVEDataBase.DataBaseName:= 'SERVIDOR:C:\CvEmp\DBCVEMP.gdb'?
or have other way to do this?

Where I have to put the executable file in client machine?
It just copy the file .exe into computer, or I have to do something?