Subject Re: Remote conection
Author svein_erling
Hi Moacir!

> if (CName = 'SERVIDOR') then
> DataMod.dbCVEmpresa.DatabaseName:= 'C:\CvEmp\DBCVEMP.gdb'
> else if Length(Trim(CName)) > 1 then
> DataMod.dbCVEmpresa.DatabaseName:= 'G:\CvEmp\DBCVEMP.gdb';

Why do you do this? The databasename will always be the one local to
the server it is running on. The clients do not directly access the
Groton Database file (gdb, ancestor of Interbase) and you should not
map it up to the clients (I am just guessing what drive G: is). If
you use tcp/ip your connect string should probably be
SERVIDOR:C:\CvEmp\DBCVEMP.gdb from ALL machines.

> The software FB1.0 is installed in all machines.

The server only needs to be installed on ... the server. The client
(gds_32.dll I believe) must be installed on all clients. If the
clients are on windows you should also put an entry into your hosts
file and possibly an entry into the services file (though I think the
services file is automatically updated when installing the client).