Subject Slow view to China
Author daxydoggie

Our set up
Server:IB6 db

Delphi App/BDE/IB5.x client

The strange thing is this;

we have a view set up that joins 2 tables clients and vehicles, if
you search by registration no from the app i.e.

select * from view where regno like 'P35%' , generally the results
come back sub second. This uses an index.

On Tuesday, this search started taking 20-30 secs and is getting

This same query from a vb app/ado/dsn/odbc/IB5.x client takes about a
second, as does using the IB ISQL app.

We've taken the db down and brought it back up to ensure index stats
are reorg'd and garbage is collected etc and this doesn't help.

We have an identical test db on the same server which is not affected
by this problem

What is going on? Has the BDE croaked as it is only the delphi app
that has problems here, but only with the live db? very puzzling!