Subject Re: Remote conection
Author svein_erling
Hi again Moacir!

> The code that I have to make is:
> DataMod.CVEDataBase.DataBaseName:= 'SERVIDOR:C:\CvEmp\DBCVEMP.gdb'?
> or have other way to do this?

Yes, I think that is what you have to do if you use tcp/ip and
SERVIDOR is the name of your server. That is at least what I do when
I use IBO.

> Where I have to put the executable file in client machine?
> It just copy the file .exe into computer, or I have to do something?

The client machine needs to have the Firebird or Interbase client
installed (not the server) and the HOSTS file correctly set up (I
don't have any client installed on this machine and don't quite
remember what it is like, but a guess would be a line with "SERVIDOR
<ip address>". Search the messages in this list for "HOSTS file" and
you will find what it is.

Whether you put your .exe file on each machine or on a server is all
up to you.

Good luck with learning Firebird/Interbase,