Subject ISC Error Code 335544344
Author hughman72212

I am using Delphi 5.01, IBO 4h, Firebird 1.0 W1-V6.2.821.
I was testing my database design by adding a lot of records. I had
added 78K and suddenly I got and ISC error.

The dialog box reads:
ISC Error Code: 335544344
I/O error on fiel- my database
Error trying to access file
The parameter is incorrect.

I have the database on drive d: and am running the application on
drive c:

I have backed up the database, run the sweep utility and I still get
the same error when I try to add records. What and how can I fix this?
I could just recreate the database, but I would like to know what's
going on before I go into beta test.

Hugh Johnsom