Subject design issue
Author zifnabbe

I've some design issues. I tried to make my db as the way I think it
is the best, but now I think will end with some speed issues.

I've 5 tables:


Now, Invoices contains fields to Consultant_id, person_id, date,
fee_nummer and other fields.

Consultants and PErsons contain a field to ZipCodes and others.

I already made 2 views which joins Persons with ZipCodes to get the
city of the person and Consultants with ZipCodes for the same cause.

Now I need to make a report and for this I need to join Invoices with
the Consultant and Person View and the Fees.

I'm wondering if this is good design... I guess the joins will slow
down a lot...

I can also use a Master detail relationship in a programming language.
With Invoices the Master and Persons, Fees, Consultants each a 1-1
relationship with Invoices

Which way to go?

Thanks in advance,