Subject Expanding Business
Author daniel_miller_48186
I am expanding my business across the country. Right now it is mainly
in Texas and California, I would like it to be in all 50 states.
However, I know sharp individuals that are highly motivated. I have
an opportunity for those who either do not have enough money to do
the things they would like or do not have enough time to do them.
Right now, so many people are out of work and corporations are more
demanding on the people that they have. I have an opportunity that I
would like to share with you where, for the right people, in the next
24-36 months you will be able to walk away and never have to work
again ever. Email me at SFASHI01@... or visit my website at
Http:// I need to find people to run the
business. If you would like to spend more time with your kids, this
will offer you that opportunity. So if you have an interest, please
let me know.