Subject Re: [ib-support] FB, win support, super vs classic, QT....
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:28 AM 08-08-02 +0000, you wrote:
>Can I get clarification on what windows platforms
>firebird is available on?

All Win32 versions, with varying conditions:

Firebird is built to be a client/server database - it doesn't support
peer-to-peer networking, so its proper Win server platform is NT 4 and 5
(i.e. 2K), workstation or server versions. WinXP should support it
too; and does; although certain "features" built into XP mean you have
some adjustments to do before life is harmonious on XP (Pro and .NET
editions - I don't know about the Home edition at all. Win32 servers can
be NetBEUI or TCP/IP hosts. NetBEUI is generally not the recommended
network protocol for database service, being slow, noisy on the wire and
prone to fault-intolerance.

Win9x/ME OS's are not designed to be servers and there are good reasons not
to use them (total lack of filesystem security protection is a major
one). Certain server options are not available on these OSes...including
the ability to be a NetBEUI server host. However, they do work as TCP/IP
server hosts.

It's quite common (and popular with the stability-minded and the
budget-conscious) to serve Firebird off a Linux box, with cheap Win9x or ME

> Also, I will need a Mac OS X version, which it shows as being
>supported only by the "classic server" version. What is the
>difference between the superserver and classic server versions of
>firebird? I searched the firebird website and didn't see anything
>about them (if they are there just point me to the URL)!

and all of the other articles at this site! IBPhoenix is a major
repository of/resource for doc of all kinds to do with Firebird and its
dear old auntie, InterBase. It is also the main company providing
commercial support for
companies using and developing with Firebird and InterBase.

> Lastly, this probably belongs in a QT group, but I am interested to
>get the opinions of active firebird users.....has anyone used
>firebird through QT3? Any problems, or good points? And I noticed
>there are 2 ODBC drivers for firebird, does anyone recommend one over
>the other for use with QT?

QT? QuickTime? the QT GUI layer on Linux? something else?


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