Subject FB, win support, super vs classic, QT....
Author brycetate
Firebird users,
I am working on a project, whose budget cannot handle the likes of
oracle, sybase, etc, so I have turned to the open source community
for help. After some quick reading it appears although mySQL is
popular it lacks many features, compliance, and reliability. I have
heard good things about postgreSQL and Interbase/firebird. I have a
few questions that I am hoping you all can answer for me, or point to
in the right direction.
First, on the firebird website's FAQ it lists supported platforms,
but does not mention win9x/2k/xp, but yet I see people talking about
firebird being installed on win2k I went to the
download's section to see if I could get a win copy, the only windows
version, "super server", did not mention which version(s) of windows
it supports. Can I get clarification on what windows platforms
firebird is available on?
Also, I will need a Mac OS X version, which it shows as being
supported only by the "classic server" version. What is the
difference between the superserver and classic server versions of
firebird? I searched the firebird website and didn't see anything
about them (if they are there just point me to the URL)!
Lastly, this probably belongs in a QT group, but I am interested to
get the opinions of active firebird users.....has anyone used
firebird through QT3? Any problems, or good points? And I noticed
there are 2 ODBC drivers for firebird, does anyone recommend one over
the other for use with QT?
Thanks for any help,