Subject IB 5.6 performance
Author Paul Hope

Up until now IB performance hasn't been a problem. But strange things are
happening to a new database we are building. The import routine creates
about 260,000 records in one table.

Having done it I want to delete all the record and start again.
If I do 'delete from table' followed by a 'select * from table' I would
expect the latter to take some time because (I believe) it is doing garbage
collection - however I wouldn't expect it to take several hours :-(

Last night I did a 'delete from table' then a backup and restore. The
backup took 5.5 hours - the restore took 3 minutes!

The server isn't particularly fast (maybe a 300Mhz) but we havn't had this
sort of time problem before. The processor is runing at 100% and I don't
understand what the memory utilisation is telling me, there looks like
plenty of free disk space.

Running NT4 sp6a

Could there be an IB problem I can look at - if so where do I look?