Subject Re: [ib-support] change condition i WHERE clause
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Ivan,

I've used the iNVL and iNVL64 in a production environment - worked fine.

Problem is, you need to know the datatype - it would be much easier (and
to have this inside the engine, as it knows the datatypes already :)

Martijn Tonies
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> > Have you tried using UDFs? The FBUDF.dll library provides the
> > of Oracle's NVL, which is a CASE construct exactly for returning a value
> > when SQL encounters null. These are Firebird UDFs but they should work
> > with InterBase 6.
> ....
> > sNVL(Person.Postal1, Person.Postal2) as Postal
> ....
> > Use iNVL if Postal1 and Postal2 are integers or exact numerics.
> I wonder, is anybody successfully using these UDFs ? Without problems ?
> Recently I played with passing parameters to UDF by descriptors,
> and it seems buggy to me. (and I remember other people on this list had
problems too).
> (I will send more info/examples when I have more time.)
> Ivan