Subject Problems installing Firebird under HP-UX 11
Author Markus Tondorf
Yesterday we tried to install Firebird on one of our customers HP-UX

We managed (after a few hours) to install the classic server under HP-UX
After that we tried to install the super server under HP-UX 11. After
running the install script we got the "Done"-message. With "ps ... grep
ibmgr" we saw that ibmgr was running on the machine. Trying to connect to a
database (isc4.gdb for testing purpose) fails even with isql. With isql
(connect) the message was something like "localhost is unreachable".
We had a similar problem under 10.2 (not with isql but with external
connections). After a restart the problem was gone.
But with 11 even a restart did not help.

Is there anybody who had a similar problem?

Markus Tondorf