Subject Re: [ib-support] Problems installing Firebird under HP-UX 11
Author Paul Reeves
Markus Tondorf wrote:

> After that we tried to install the super server under HP-UX 11. After
> running the install script we got the "Done"-message. With "ps ... grep
> ibmgr" we saw that ibmgr was running on the machine. Trying to connect to a
> database (isc4.gdb for testing purpose) fails even with isql. With isql
> (connect) the message was something like "localhost is unreachable".
> We had a similar problem under 10.2 (not with isql but with external
> connections). After a restart the problem was gone.
> But with 11 even a restart did not help.
> Is there anybody who had a similar problem?

Do you have a /etc/hosts.equiv file? Under Linux it sometimes helps to
define localhost in this.

Presumably you can ping localhost and have tried to telnet to port 3050
on localhost?


Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase