Subject Re: [ib-support] slow line connection
Author Steve Landrum
Have a look at Asta I have had very good results using
this over dial up connections but have not used any as low as 9600.

gbehnke2000 wrote:

>Has anywhere experience to increase the speed using a slow line
>connection with interbase. Our problem is that we have a lot of user
>(journalists) connecting to our network with a mobile phon and a
>speed of 9600 b/s. We found that behind the pure user data's (only
>text, no pictures etc.) there is a lot of other's data's between the
>IB-Server and the IB-Client (TCP traffic or anything else). Using a
>compression software (zebedee) was helpfull but not enough.
>Many thanks for any ideas or suggestion's
>Gerhard Behnke
>Hamburg (Germany)