Subject Re: [ib-support] slow line connection
Author Raymond Kennington
TCP through air-waves is very inefficient.

Alan Kennington has some remarks and publications regarding this matter.

His optimal solutions to this problem have been published and are being used by the
Australian armed forces and the technique has been sold to other countries.

Take a look at this:

Raymond Kennington

gbehnke2000 wrote:
> Has anywhere experience to increase the speed using a slow line
> connection with interbase. Our problem is that we have a lot of user
> (journalists) connecting to our network with a mobile phon and a
> speed of 9600 b/s. We found that behind the pure user data's (only
> text, no pictures etc.) there is a lot of other's data's between the
> IB-Server and the IB-Client (TCP traffic or anything else). Using a
> compression software (zebedee) was helpfull but not enough.
> Many thanks for any ideas or suggestion's
> Gerhard Behnke
> Hamburg (Germany)
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