Subject Re: [ib-support] slow line connection
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
One of the problems I have found on remote access over a WAN or whatever is
the latency and repeatedly asking the server the same question.

I did some work for a client where there were 22 interactions with the
server before the screen came to life. Better use of:
1) Threaded DB access
2) Multiple connections
3) Client side cache
4) Better transaction control

All of the about made a huge perceived difference in the system performance.
Fixing the problems is more like solving a mystery as I ended up packet
sniffing, SQL watching.

Good luck,

Jason Chapman
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""gbehnke2000"" <Behnke@...> wrote in message
> Has anywhere experience to increase the speed using a slow line
> connection with interbase. Our problem is that we have a lot of user
> (journalists) connecting to our network with a mobile phon and a
> speed of 9600 b/s. We found that behind the pure user data's (only
> text, no pictures etc.) there is a lot of other's data's between the
> IB-Server and the IB-Client (TCP traffic or anything else). Using a
> compression software (zebedee) was helpfull but not enough.
> Many thanks for any ideas or suggestion's
> Gerhard Behnke
> Hamburg (Germany)
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