Subject Bug with scripts and cacheing of database structure?
Author achidan

I think I found a bug. I have the following system

Firebird 1.0
Dialect 3 database
connected with TIBODatabase
IBObjects version 4.2 Hi (maybe it's not yet official one)

I use two TIB_Script-Components to do some changes.

1st Script has some DDL-Statements. One of the statement is to add a
field to a table
2nd Script has DML statements. One is to update the newly added field
with Script 1.

The error was that the wrong field was updated. Like Update Test Set
Field3 = 1 but instead of Field3 Field2 was updated.

The error doesn't occur,
- when I disconnect and connect between Script 1 and 2
- by using an older version of IBObjects (Version of Feb./March 2002)

Maybe the error has something to do with chacheing of database
structure / system table, because a disconnect help to solve the problem.

I checked also with SQL-Monitor: The statement looks okay, but the
result ist wrong.

My problem occured in a bigger database and application - I tried to
reduce the problem to a simpler system but unfortunately I could not
yet reproduce the problem. But maybe someone with a bit better
knowledge of source code has an idea what could be the problem.

Has anyone similar experiences?