Subject Re: keeping current "standby" data
Author csswa
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> At 01:09 PM 01-08-02 +0200, _/\/ando wrote:
> >Bernahrd,
> >
> > > Shadowing can occur only to a local disk. Shadowing to
> > > filesystem or mapped drive is not supported.
> > >
> > > Is this information correct?
> >
> >It is, shadowing is a local mechanism.
> Confirmed by RTFM...making it even less useful than I already
thought it was.

Shadowing was a reasonable idea for its time: failover for harddrives
(if only PC failover worked as simply). It's a decent addition to
anyone's disaster recovery plan in the absence of a RAID
configuration,. But let's face it: if data is important, nobody is
gonna skimp on RAID.

Andrew Ferguson
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